Camp Feral Online…mostly!

The website is finally up…the horrible horrible website.  Not that the website is horrible, Yennix did a great  job building it from scratch…it’s more that websites in general are horrible, at least from the perspective of Feral! staff.

Check the website out here! Please note: you can register for the site, making registration for camp and payment super easy once they’re ready for the public eye!  We expect a store with merch, more info, goodies and treats to still be on the way!

Check out Roo’s Blog on the horrors of websites here too!

Remember, Imaginary Campfire is a backup blog for Camp Feral!  If is down or under construction we’ll update info here, but Roo will also occasionally write tidbits about running a furry con and the chaos of furry summer camps when the mood hits him.  Bookmark this page and check back occasionally!


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