Feral! @ Further Confusion Contest!

Heya Campers!  So…if you’ve been to Feral before odds are pretty good you picked up some Feral! swag while you were there!  Maybe a t-shirt, or one of our awesome Feral! hoodies?

If you’re going to Further Confusion this weekend the folks at Feral! would LOVE if you spread the word about how much fun you can have at our crazy con! Visit tables of our former and future guests of honour like Kyell Gold, Blotch…flag down Colson and ask him to get his Uke and play some Rick Astley!

…there’s even a way you can win a prize…for free…and all you need to do is snap a picture!

Wear your Feral! swag – t-shirt or hoodie – snap a picture of yourself at FC (maybe stand in front of the hotel, or next to one of the previously mentioned guests of honour??) and upload it!

If you upload it to Twitter, make sure you mention us (@CampFeral) and let us know you’re at FC in your swag!

If you upload to Facebook, share it and don’t forget to include @Camp Feral (our Facebook Page) in your update so we can see you shared!

If you don’t have Facebook or Twitter contact Potoroo, tell us where you put the pic, and he’ll share it for you…man, it’s like entering a contest without doing any work!!

That’s it!  Upload the pic and you’ve entered!

What do you win?

Not only do you get a free 2011 Feral! hoodie…you can choose the colour! (…limited by the options available, of course, but if you ever wanted a green, or blue, or pink Feral! hoodie this is your chance!)

So, get snappin’!


This contest is open to anyone with Feral! swag in attendance at FC.  If you aren’t either, don’t worry, more contests will follow!! 🙂 One (1) Person will be awarded one (1) Feral! hoodie, to be picked up either at Feral! or shipped after production (estimated to be in August of 2011), printed in the colour of their choice based on available fabric colours (typical colours available can be seen at this link)  The winner will be announced during the week after FC, and we will contact you through the medium you entered (Twitter, Facebook or Email!)


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